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Supply Liquid Sulphur Black From China Factory

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Product Name: liquid Sulphur Black
Color Index No.: C.I.Sulphur Black 1
CAS NO:1326-82-5
Molecular weight:184.106

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Synonyms of Sulphur Black: C.I. Sulphur Black 1; C.I. Sulfur Black 1; 2,4-Dinitro-phenol sulfurised; Sulphur Black B/BR; Sulphur Black BR; Sulfur Black; Sulphur Black
Description of liquid sulphur black: The absorption rate of liquid sulfur black is higher than that of powder sulfur black. The sewage has no precipitated impurities, which greatly reduces the cost of sewage treatment. Liquid sulfur black is more environmentally friendly.The rubbing fastness of dry and wet is 0.5 grade higher than that of powder.Liquid sulfur black has been fully oxidized in the manufacturing process and will not be oxidized during transportation and storage.Powder sulfur black needs to use the alkali sulfide as the material while alkali sulfide is the metabolite of mirabilite so that the quality residuals are uneven, which introduces a large number of impurities. But the impurity of liquid sulfur black is almost zero.The stability is better than that of powder sulfur black. The probability of cloth dyeing error is low.Environmental friendly liquid sulfur black is mainly used in denim yarn dyeing, embryo cloth dyeing, knitting dyeing, package dyeing, etc. Compared with reactive dyes and other cotton dyes such as Shilin, it has the characteristics of low cost and short process flow.

Advantages of liquid sulphur black:
1.Easy to use (as the operation process of direct dye).
2.The adjustment of shade is simple, which can be adjusted by liquid sulphur dyes or direct dyes.
3.Do not use alkali sulfide to begin.
4.Environmental protection, low odor, low waste water.
5.It can be directly pad dyed, dip dyed and roll dyed.
6.After opening the package,the remaining can be sealed and stored for a period of time. It avoids the waste of powder sulfide dye due to the extra material taking.
7.The shade of powder sulphur black is quite stable but cylinder difference is serious, while the liquid one does not.

Quality guarantee period: 36 months.
Packing: 25kgs plastic drum/ton tank.

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